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The Emergency Medical Alert Panic Button Can Be Worn As A Bracelet Or A Necklace

The medical alert panic button may be worn as a necklace or a bracelet. Both styles are waterproof and offer an optimum range of typically 600 feet or more. In addition, one medical alarm unit will work with up to eight different bracelets simultaneously. The Rescue Alert medical alert unit is easily reprogrammed in the subscriber’s home to receive the additional panic buttons.

When monitored by the Rescue Alert Response Center, the panic button’s battery status is reported every time it is pressed. This is an example of the type of innovation that sets Rescue Alert apart from other personal emergency medical alert systems.

Medical Emergency Alarm Monitoring System

The MXD is the first traditional PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) on the market to be completely VoIP compatible. As more homes get rid of their POTS lines and switch to VoIP, the MXD will continue to become more valuable.


The small footprint, voice prompts and messages, range test mode, reversed telephone connection reporting, and VoIP compatibility make the MXD the simplest PERS to install in the industry.

The MDX is the newest model, and contains the latest technology. This sleek and attractive medical alert was designed with your protection and comfort in mind. The MDX is the centerpiece of your medical alert system. Because sound quality and clear communication are extremely important for alert systems that aid senior monitoring, the MDX offers an extremely powerful microphone and speaker that flawlessly connects your home with our Response Center.

The MDX and the Response Center working together are what make the difference in the reliability of Approved Medical Alarm’s service. The MDX has been engineered specifically for medical emergency monitoring. The MDX has been designed and built specifically for the personal emergency alert system and does not rely on the converted burglar alarm equipment used by many other companies.

Why Choose Approved Medical Alarm?

What makes the Approved Medical Alarm better than other medical alert systems? The answer to that question is reliablity, features, and price. Our medical alarms have advanced features which include an extended panic button range, battery monitoring, and microphone sensitivity. These user-friendly features increase the reliability of the system as a whole. In addition, the Approved Medical Alarm system is manufactured here in the USA.

Medical Alarm Alert Contact Equipment
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