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Medical Alarm-Alert

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Committed to Keep Seniors Safe

Studies have shown that people are more likely to return to independent living after a fall if help comes quickly. Approved Medical Alarm provides immediate access to emergency help around the clock.

With our system in your home, you have an instant link to our Emergency Response Attendants that connects you the care you need, when you need it. Whether you need a helping hand from a neighbor, medical assistance or protection from an unwelcome guest in the middle of the night, trust Approved Medical Alarm for immediate assistance.

Approved Medical Alarm includes a two-way voice console unit that connects to your existing phone line and a lightweight, personal activator button that stays with you — around your neck or wrist. Just press the button and the Approved Medical Alarm console opens a two-way voice conversation between you and our Emergency Response Center.

As a subscriber, you have a personal profile in our secure database. It includes your personal and critical medical information; a list of responders including family, friends and emergency personnel; and the response directives you want us to follow. Even if you are unable to speak, our operators know who you are, where you live and whom to contact.

 How does Approved Medical Alarm work?

  1. When you need help, press your personal activator button.
  2. The two-way voice console unit automatically dials the 24-hour Emergency Response Center.
  3. Trained professionals who have immediate access to your personal profile will speak with you to identify the type of help you need.

Even if you cannot speak or cannot be heard, the Approved Medical Alarm system immediately sends help. Whether it’s a neighbor, ambulance or family member, we’ll send the appropriate help immediately.

Medical Alarm Alert Contact How It Works
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