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Medical Alarm Alert Contact Response Center

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Medical Alert Monitoring

Approved Medical Alarm employs a dependable, state-of-the-art, medical alert monitoring center that prides itself in offering fast, friendly, and flexible help. The Emergency Response Center has been designed for maximum flexibility, allowing the consumer to tailor usage to their individual needs. With programs and services like Language Line and EMD Certification, Approved Medical Alarm proves to render the most efficient service available in the medical alarm monitoring industry.

Designed Specifically for Medical Alert Monitoring

The Approved Medical Alarm Response Center is designed specifically to monitor medical alarm systems; unlike other call centers, the Approved Medical Alarm’s Center is not a converted burglar alarm call center. From the beginning, Approved Medical Alarm’s attendants have been hired, and trained to monitor Personal Emergency Response Systems. Each of the EMD certified attendants have attended a multi-day course, which is the same training course that most 911 dispatchers receive. To qualify for the EMD course, the attendants must first be certified in CPR. The CPR and EMD certifications enable the attendant to recognize life threatening emergencies, including cardiac arrest, choking, heart attack, and stroke, and allow them to provide dispatch-specific emergency medical care instructions to subscribers waiting for an EMS response. Our EMD attendants are able to deliver an elevated level of care to subscribers with emergency medical needs that other response centers cannot, or will not provide.

Flexible and Customized Response Center

Because of the nature of medical alarm monitoring, flexibility is needed in a Response Center; detailed emergency information such as medical history, special needs, and responder relationships are different for each subscriber. The Response Center is designed to provide the flexibility subscribers and loved ones will need to maintain independence and peace of mind. Customizing the monitoring service may include:

  •  The order in which responders should be called.
  • Which responders need to be notified in case of an emergency incident, or transport to hospital.
  • Notes on which responders have a key to the subscriber’s residence and whether or not emergency professionals permission to force entry into the home during questionable circumstances.
  • Hidden key locations and/or Lockbox codes.
  • Special instructions can be kept and maintained for the subscriber and each responder.

The Approved Medical Alarm’s Response Center and medical alert systems are also designed to allow attendants to communicate with subscribers in their own language; When the need arises, the attendant can quickly connect to Language Line Services ™, a translation service which provides translation for over 150 different languages. At Approved Medical Alarm, Language is not a barrier – with Language Line Services ™, speed and accuracy are a constant, and the attendant is still able to add the personal contact and comfort required during an emergency situation.

Approved Medical Alarm offers the finest in state of the art protection; With Approved Medical Alarm’s Personal Emergency Response Systems, our subscribers are allowed the independence to live like they are accustom to, while providing their family and friends peace of mind, and are able to enjoy a greater sense of freedom.

Medical Alarm Alert Contact Response Center

  • #1 Press

    Press The Button

    Press the Panic Button in times of emergency. The button is waterproof and can be worn as a bracelet or necklace. Our professionals are available around the clock to perform professional and discreet medical monitoring. Read More »

  • #2 Talk

    Help is Called

    Each of our EMD-certified attendants receives the same training as 911 dispatchers and is certified in CPR. These certifications may enable the attendant to recognize life-threatening emergencies. Read More »

  • #3 Help

    Help Is On The Way!

    Every second counts.  Getting help fast in an emergency can mean the difference between a full recovery or complete loss of independence. Read More »

Medical Alarm Alert Contact Response Center

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