Medical Alarm Alert Contact Testimonials

Read what other have to say about thier medcial alarm button:

“I really appreciate the service you provided me. My father (before his passing) was comforted by knowing help was a touch away. You have a wonderful product that I will highly recommend to everyone in the future.” -¬†Lindal H.

I just wanted to send you this quick note to say THANK YOU!!! Earlier this year, I purchased the rescue alert for my grandmother, Emma. Each time I see her, she tells me that you call her on a regular basis, just to check on her; that when she went on vacation this Summer, she phoned you to tell you and when she got back, phoned again to say that she was back. She went on to say that the woman on the phone asked how her vacation was, and that she was glad she had a great time. I can’t thank you enough for having such wonderful, friendly and caring people working for your company. My grandmother is 83 and lives alone since the death of my grandfather. I live about an hour away and feel so grateful that should she need anything at all, you are just a push of a button away. THANK YOU…THANK YOU¬† – R.G.

On September 3rd at 11:15 AM Helen had one of our medical alerts setup at her home in Florida. Just over 4 hours later , Helen fell and broke her hip. We received an emergency signal from her medical alert at 3:33 PM and were able to contact one of her responders. – Helen

Connie wrote a letter to us, telling about her experience with her Rescue Alert. “I only had the Alert for 15 hours before I had to use it. They took me to the hospital.” – Connie

Yesterday a subscriber was out walking her dogs at 1 am and she fell on some rocks. She couldn’t get back up and waited for nearly an hour hoping that someone would come by and help her out. Since it was the middle of the night nobody came. She thought that her panic button wouldn’t work because she was outside the house but decided to give it a try anyway. Our response center received the signal and couldn’t make voice contact, so we dispatched the police. They found our subscriber outside and got her home safely.

…another note:

I just wanted to send you a quick note of extreme satisfaction with your service. I just returned the unit I had rented for my mother. She has now been moved to a nursing home with full care, but she used your unit for almost 8 months. In that time, she must have needed to call for help 10 or 12 times. Without the Medcial Alarm, she would’ve been without help for days any number of times. – D.H.

We are happy to answer your questions. You can reach us at (972) 658-4001, anytime, or contact us. We are always just a phone call away. We look forward to hearing from you.

Medical Alarm Alert Contact Testimonials

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